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    • Smart Condo I am in midtown Manhattan, outside of one cool condo. Not only is it beautiful, it's super smart. Let's take a tour. Alex Reppen (Datagram) - "This is a three bedroom apartment in Chelsea, with outdoor space and as you can see, a lot of huge windows. The customer is a designer and is very particular about every little piece that goes into the house. Everything was minimalist and had to be as simple and easy and easy to use as possible. We were able to meld Control4 speakers into the simplest keypads and iPad and iPhone controllers so that a lot of touch screens wouldn't show around the house. Whole house audio was a big deal for them as well as doing climate control and blinds and lights. There are eight zones of audio here. You don't see the speakers. We hide them as much as possible. When the doorbell rings, the lights in the living room flash as well as in the master bathroom and a door bell sound is played through all eight zones of audio." Adriana Biasi (Homeowner) - "Well... I thought it would be cool but I wasn't really sure 'cause I never had it before so I didn't know what to expect. But I was afraid that it was going to be a lot of buttons everywhere that I wasn't going to know how to use. But... it turned out great. I love being able to control the music in all the different room and when we have parties it's great. You can just set the lights to mood, the fireplace will go on and it just makes it so easy. When I go shower in the <b>...</b>
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    • Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas Gallery How do you up your odds in Vegas? Start by staying in a smart hotel. Jennifer Lynn (Spa Director, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) - "Welcome to Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas. We are a triple Forbes Five Star hotel, spa and restaurant. We're located right in the heart of City Center on Las Vegas Blvd. We love to surprise and delight our guests. We do that in so many ways and that also includes our technology." Max Tappeiner (Director of Rooms, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) - "When you swipe your key for the very first time, the room really comes to life. You find that the TV switches on, the volume comes up, the lighting slightly comes on and the shears open... so that is really a wow moment." Max Tappeiner (Director of Rooms, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) - "While we have fantastic interior designers, I think every guest feels differently about the rooms so you want to be able to adjust the lighting and dim the lighting and adjust the temperature. It's very intuitive so you don't really need a full room orientation like you would need in a person's house." Max Tappeiner (Director of Rooms, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) - "Well the personalization a key component of that is the personalized wake-up call. Unlike in traditional hotels were you get a phone call, you can set your entire room to come alive at a certain time so you can choose your favorite channel, you can choose the volume setting and you can choose for the shears <b>...</b>